Pre-finished hardwood flooring


Why choose pre-finished hardwood flooring?

Pre-finished hardwood flooring is an outstanding choice for many homeowners and many rooms. The benefits are excellent and will serve your home the way you need it to. And with one of the most extended lifespans in flooring, you'll enjoy from 30 to 100 years or more.

These days the number of flooring choices you have are extensive. If the process seems overly daunting, find out more about options that fit your needs. This could be one of those materials, and you'll know more about it with a bit of research.

What is pre-finished hardwood flooring?

Pre-finished wood flooring means that the sanding, stain color, and finish are added at the factory. None of these services happen in your home, so the installation process is faster. As a result, these products continue to rise in popularity, and they could be just what you need too.

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Enjoy a stronger durability

With many coats of finish applied, these floors are more durable than those finished in your home. UV curing and special sealants help to add even more resistance to daily wear. And factory finishing makes pre-finished wood floors completely flaw-free.

Since the floors are so durable, you don't have to spend as much time cleaning and repairing them. Pre-finished materials can last for decades before any maintenance becomes necessary. As a result, you won't see as many imperfections in flooring that looks and performs excellently.

Beautiful visuals that complement any decor

When floors receive a factory finish, the stain color is easier to see through. That means the natural color, texture, and graining are easier to see. This visual depth can create a beautiful, rich pre-finished hardwood flooring that lasts for years to come.

But you'll also find plenty of colors to choose from for added decor matching perfection. You can even select the perfect finish as another layer to the general look and style you select. It's a great way to get the best match for most decor styles.
Pre-finished hardwood flooring in Farragut, TN from Denton's Flooring

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