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Are you ready for a custom hardwood flooring experience?

Custom hardwood flooring is a fantastic way to remodel any room in your home for stunning beauty, outstanding durability, and increased home value. No matter your needs, you'll find a perfect match in a customized remodeling experience. Here are some ways to take your hardwood flooring to the next level.

Species selection is crucial

Your species choice is of the utmost importance for visual appeal and durability. Stability, hardness, and versatility rest in this choice, with some remarkable results to fit any need. Take the time to discuss design results with your flooring specialist for the wood floors you want and need most. Board grade is another vital choice that pairs with species selection, with different characteristics. For instance, "natural" grade floors often feature knots, wormholes, and streaks that offer stunning results. Work with your designer on grading to design with visuals that mimic rustic and traditional elements.



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Width and length considerations

Board width and length are highly customizable and offer extensive results, especially for visual appeal. But they also add stability and functionality, with fewer seams and stunning décor matches. Widths commonly range from 2 ¼ inches to 12 inches for custom hardwood flooring to meet any need.

Create with textures and patterns

When you choose a specific texture or pattern to match your décor or personality, you'll find results that are as unique as yours. Pairing these with other choices brings impressive results, especially in rooms where individuality can mean everything. Consider textures like reclaimed, hand scraped, or circle sawn, with patterns like basketweave, chevron, end grain, herringbone, and other personalizations.
Custom hardwood flooring in Knoxville, TN from Denton's Flooring

Site-finished versus prefinished floors

There are benefits to each of these finish types, but one may serve your customization needs best. For example, prefinished wood floors offer faster installation and surfaces that are often much harder than site-finished floors. But you'll gain customized craftsmanship with site finishing that no one can replicate any other way.

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