You'll love everything about waterproof flooring

You might not know how diverse waterproof flooring is and how it can cater to your household. But once you find out more about these products, you'll want to know everything they can do for you. Of course, complete waterproof protection is a given, but what else?

These floors are perfect for matching any decor you currently have in place. And you'll love that it's durable enough for any daily wear it might face in your home. Finding out more about what these floors are like is a great way to choose the best waterproof vinyl flooring.

Durability is more than waterproof protection

The peace of mind you'll gain when you don't have to worry about water damage is immense. But there's much more to glean from these materials, including excellent wear resistance. So, even in your busiest areas, you'll see fewer dents, dings, scratches, and stains.

If you have children or pets, waterproof flooring protection is worth a lot. And you can add another layer of protection with area rugs and hall runners. These help keep traffic off the face of your flooring for great results.

Are waterproof floors and water-resistant flooring the same?

Water-resistant flooring differs from waterproof, but only when it comes to time. Waterproof floors resist water damage with no time limit whatsoever. But water-resistant materials can only protect you for up to 72 hours.

For some homeowners, this kind of time constraint is no problem. But others want that complete peace of mind, especially in every room in the home. And waterproof flooring offers all the best visuals, no matter the space.

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Visuals you can use

You'll find it in this flooring line when you need a stunning visual. Many waterproof vinyl flooring products mimic natural wood, tile, and stone materials. And they carry all the natural colors and textures with them as well.

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