Hardwood floor refinishing


Protect the stories your floors tell

After noticing that their floor is starting to look worn out, we found that homeowners are led to believe that instead of refinishing their wooden floors, they should replace them with cheap laminate flooring or put a carpet over it. While there are some advantages to installing new floors, we found that in our experience, most wooden flooring can look brand new given the right treatment and care. Our Knoxville floor refinishing specialists can guarantee that hardwood flooring will last longer than the alternatives. So don’t give up on your hardwood flooring just yet, talk to our experts and they will assure you that your flooring will look as beautiful as when it was first installed for many years to come.

Bring back the beauty

Whether your hardwood flooring has faded over the years from years of heavy use and traffic, or unfortunate accidents have left noticeable scratches and marks, there is still hope for restoring your original floors to their former glory. At Denton's Wholesale Flooring, we specialize in making our clients feel joy again at the sight of their flooring.

We have seen it all, from leaky fridges to bad plumbing jobs that have almost ruined the most beautiful of hardwood floors. Our specialists take pride in restoring these particular cases and making them look even better than before. We are passionate about our work and making sure the customer is happy every step of the way.

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Hardwood floor refinishing in Knoxville, TN from Denton's Flooring

What to expect

Less dust - Using our dustless sanding system, we ensure that we keep dust and debris to a minimum. We make sure to leave your floors cleaner than when we arrived.

Healthier air - We use high-quality coatings that reduce the amount of fumes that you and your family could breathe in. Our finishes are pet and children-friendly.

Perfect finish - With our years of experience and top-of-the-line equipment, we are able to ensure a perfect, smooth finish – both in sanding and in coating.