Hardwood floor UV curing


Protect your floors and your family with UV curing

For years, Denton's Wholesale Flooring has been offering our clients in the Knoxville, TN area the most reliable and advanced services for their floors. We are proud to add UV cured floor coating and curing to that list. Ultraviolet floor curing is a top-tier choice if you are looking for instant usability, little to no-odor, environmentally friendly, and durability to last for years.

We pride ourselves in providing only the highest quality products for our services. That is why we couple our UV curing services with ProCoat RedCoat: RX. This top-notch pioneer company invented the UV curing technique that is used today.

Why choose UV curing?

Ultraviolet curing is the floor treatment of the future. With a flooring sealant option that is fast, odorless, durable, and environmentally friendly, it leads the pack of requested techniques. Most UV curing products are water-based formulas that bond as a reaction to ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light is applied after the sealant coat, curing it instantly. The UV hardwood floor finish leaves a natural color with no ambering. Our talented team members are certified in UV coating & curing. They have the skills and knowledge to tackle your home’s next flooring project.
What kind of floors can have UV coating?

  • Hardwood
  • Pre-finished
  • Vinyl

No down time

UV coating can be walked on within 2 hours of start of the curing process. No more need to wait extended hours or even days before you can start enjoying your newly finished flooring. Volatile organic compounds are compounds that have a high vapor pressure and a low water solubility. Usually these compounds are man-made chemicals and a high rating can lead to a strong odor and harmful air quality. Unlike traditional oil-based applications, which can have an odor for longer than month, UV oil hardwood floors have a low VOC rating, resulting in an almost odor-less result.

Ultimate durability

You don’t have to sacrifice strength for speed, either. With UV curing, your floors are more durable compared to other techniques. This results in more protection against life’s normal wear, thus extending the life of the floor.

Furthermore, eventually, floors will need to be re-coated. Thankfully, UV curing can be used on older floors as a re-coat as well. For the best UV curing, Knoxville has to offer, contact us for a quote!
Hardwood floor UV curing in Knoxville, TN from Denton's Flooring

ProCoat Radcoat: RX

As a top-tier UV-cured coating, ProCoat’s Radcoat RX has antimicrobial technology that works at a cellular level to continually disrupt the growth and reproduction of microorganisms that damage the protein, cell membrane, DNA and internal system of a microbe. The anti-microbial technology will start to work as soon as a microorganism comes into contact with the protected surface.

We use ProCoat because we only use the top-tier products. Our number one goal is to insure the longevity of the floors but also the peace of mind for our clients and their loved ones.