Hardwood floor clean & coat


Bring back the beauty

Not all floors need a full re-sand. Our clean & coat service does just that! If your floors are dull and lifeless, let us come in and do a delicate surface sanding ( this can be done on engineered, prefinished, or sand-on-site floors). This process should remove any surface scratches. We can then apply the desired finish and sheen.

In a hurry to get back in the house? We are the only company in Knoxville that offers UV curing with antimicrobial protection.


A rewarding investment

In a lot of other fields, it might be more cost-effective to replace something rather than fixing it. But it is very different when it comes to wood. Regardless of the type of finish, the hardwood flooring has, it will almost always have more value than another type of flooring.

At Denton's Wholesale Flooring, we advise our clients that by hardwood floor repair their floors they will save possibly thousands of dollars and on top of that, will likely be adding more market value to their home. When you work with us, the benefits just keep stacking up.